Client-Centric Approach

DataLogic IT prioritizes a results-oriented approach.  Understanding and meeting the client’s needs is paramount.  Flexibility and responsiveness to adapt with changes in project scope or requirements.

Targeted evaluation of your organization’s IT infrastructure and functionality, business objectives, and technology needs, to develop a customized plan for leveraging AWS cloud services.

Cost Optimization

  • Cost-Effective Solutions with transparent pricing:
  • Design and deliver cost-efficient AWS architectures to optimize resource usage and avoid unnecessary expenses. Clarity in pricing structures and transparency in billing practices.

Security and Compliance

AWS security best practices and adherence to industry-specific compliance requirements.

Effective Communication

  • Present technical concepts and updates in a clear, timely, and understandable manner.
  • Collaborate effectively and responsively, with all teams across the project.

Project Management Skills

  • Solutions delivered on time, and within project timelines.
  • Regular updates, throughout project lifecycles.

Current State Assessment/AWS Readiness Assessment

Evaluating the existing infrastructure to determine its compatibility with required services.

Assessments would include:

  • Infrastructure Evaluations
  • Existing Application Portfolio Analysis
  • Data Assessments
  • Skills and Training Requirements
  • Existing Security and Compliance Needs
  • Operational Processes and Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • Governance and Policies
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Risk Assessments


  • The most up to date technologies.
  • Innovative solutions to address emerging challenges.
  • Adaptable solutions, with the agility to respond to technological changes and evolving business needs.
Please also refer to the dedicated page for Amazon Web Services, AWS.

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